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“Has American Christianity Failed?” Three-Day Get-the-book-in-the-hands-of-Evangelicals Fund Drive

UPDATE: You all are amazing. In 20 hours (and with bad donate buttons) you sent me enough to buy 111 books! (A case is 44.) So I’m closing it down. We’ll get a case of books down to the Lutheran Lobos, and we’ll try to get some on campus up in Boulder.

We might fire this machine back up when it’s time for another campus visit.

In the meantime, thank you! God be praised! -PrBW


UPDATE to the UPDATE: In the time it took me to publish this post, 3 more came in, making the total 114. Wozers. Thank you.

Dear Friends,

On March 8th I’ll be speaking on the campus of my alma mater: the University of New Mexico, about the book Has American Christianity Failed? The Lutheran Lobos and I would like to get the book into the hands of as many of the campus ministry leaders as we can before that event.

So here’s the plan. My author discount is 40% for non-royality copies. That makes each book $10.20. I’ll cover the shipping cost. We want to order a case (44 books) for New Mexico this weekend, and the Lutheran Lobos will deliver the books with a note that says:

“Read this book. It will save your life. Then call me and I’ll get you a cup of coffee.”

If you are interested, you can donate through PayPal. $10.20 will get a book delivered to the Campus. Tell your friends. We’re shutting this thing down on Friday.

Thanks! Pastor Wolfmueller

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  1. The donate button doesn’t seem to work for me. It just goes to paypal generally, not to a specific link to donate to this.

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