This treasured resource of generations of pastors collects the Biblical proofs for all the points of doctrine.

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About this project

For centuries it has been the delight of Christians to study the saving Word of God, to meditate on it day and night and to speak of the wonders of God. This study has a record, thousands of books filled with wisdom, truth, and comfort. Many of them are forgotten, and have passed out of memory and use.

Around the Word Classic Reprints hopes to dig up these treasures, dust them off, and make them available again for the Lord’s church.

Print on demand technology allows us to take scanned copies of these books and republish them. Because they are scans there might be the occasional obscure page, margin note, etc. We hope these imperfections might be overcome by the theological value of the work. (If there are major imperfections, please let us know, and we can try to correct this in future editions.)

All of these texts are in the public domain, and are available electronically. Links are provided here to the electronic sources. Thank you to Project Guttenberg, the Internet Archive, and Google Books for working to make the old books available to us.

If you have suggested books for publication, please let us know.