The Devotional Challenge Book is a workbook designed to help

Each week introduces a new challenge. Each day offers the opportunity to engage with the Scriptures and pray for the Lord’s mercy.

The basic pattern of prayer is taken from Martin Luther’s Small Catechism, and the strategies of meditation on the Scriptures and crafting our prayers grow out of the church’s rich evangelical tradition of prayer and devotion.

This 180+ page workbook is available completely free for download. You can also purchase the fancy spiral-bound version through lulu.

Please note, this is a draft edition. If you find typos or mistakes, please send me a note.

Download for Free:
Devotional Challenge Book Mar 8 with cover

Buy the Fancy Thing on Lulu:
The Devotional Challenge Book Print On Demand ($18 spiral bound)
The Devotional Challenge Book ($12 perfect bound)