I received this wonderfully encouraging note last week from a reader. I asked him if I could share it with you.

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Pastor Wolfmueller,
I want to begin by saying that we have never met.  I am writing you today because I received a copy of your book, “Has American Christianity Failed?” for Christmas last year.  It was by far and away the thing that I was most hoping to receive – and I finished reading it today.
I wanted to share with you the high regard in which I hold your book.  I have been in the Lutheran church for over 25 years – and I was in a Baptist church for some period of time.  Thus, I can certainly relate to your feelings on what you experienced while attending an evangelical church.
Not all of my family is LCMS and they’ve heard me talk about the impact that reading your book has had on me.  They were surprised when I told them I would rank it as follows: 1. Bible, 2. Book of Concord, 3. Your book.  I haven’t read anything so clear in a long time. It was also so full of information I expect to read it 3-4 times before I’ve fully unpacked everything it contains.
I truly hope it becomes a great success – not for the mere sake of being successful but rather because of the immense comfort it provides.  I will reluctantly admit that I was a little wary of it at first, before even receiving it.  I was concerned it was maybe more “us against them” that we have become known for, to some extent.
Rather, it explained the differences that exist; but, rather than harping on those differences and coming across as smug, it instead focuses on the Gospel.  It’s that focus on the Gospel, aided by your clear gift of communication, that helped me understand things so much better and feeling comforted at the same time.
I was able to find your email from your church’s website.  I don’t know if my plans will ever bring me to Colorado but if so, I hope it’s over a weekend so I can attend services.
I wish you all the best.  Thank you for writing this book.
Thank you, Jim. God be praised!