Liturgical Boot-Camp for Evangelicals 

You’re an Evangelical. You’re used to the Praise Band, the lights, the long Bible Study and the altar call. Worship is an experience where I am touched by God and moved by the Spirit. Then, accidently, you find yourself in a Lutheran Church, and think, “What the heck is this?!” “Where am I? What are these smells? Why is that guy in a white dress talking to the wall?”

This, friends, is the liturgy, the historic worship of the church of the New Testament.

The liturgy is the church gathered around the Lord’s Word and Sacraments. The liturgy full of Scripture, full of promises, full of prayers, full of the comfort that Jesus wants to deliver to His Church. The liturgy is good.

I’m working with the guys at Issues, Etc. to untangle and unfold the liturgy for Evangelicals. Here are the interviews:


Liturgical Shock


Who Acts in Worship?