The Lord’s Word is always going forth in the world. It is part of the joy of a pastor to be a part of this Word going forth. I hope to try to log these attempts at helpfulness here (and hopefully cut down on the stuff on facebook). We’ll see how it works.

Preaching at Hope
This was a busy preaching week at Hope. God be praised for the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus.

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Bible Study
Isaiah 12 is a beautiful on Isaiah 12, Isaiah on Christmas, was published this week. It was the final of four Isaiah Bible Studies I was able to write for the Christmas season.

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Grappling with the Text: Proverbs 7 and the Last Warning Against the Adulterous Woman
Solomon is meditating on the Ten Commandments. In chapter 7 he particularly takes up the 6th commandment and the warning against adultery.

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Issues, Etc. Responding to Evangelical Proof-texts
“God meets you where you are.” Todd and I talk about what this cliche means practically and theologically, and explore the theological dangers. Listen here.

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Martin Luther Sermon Podcast
We recorded a number of Luther’s Christmas sermons. Here are the links to listen.

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Rightly Divided Daily Meditation Blog
Today (Tuesday) was my day to write. 2 Kings 7 is a particularly interesting chapter with the four leprous men plundering the abandoned Syrian camp. Their conscience catches up to them, and they inform the starving city, and the Lord provides rescue for the people in the most improbable way. Read and mediate here.


We took the week off of Table Talk. I’ll add a few more links next week.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Lord’s Blessings,
Pr Bryan Wolfmueller
Hope Lutheran Church, Aurora, CO