As we arrived back from our June (2017) tour in Germany, I asked all my fellow adventurers for a review/recommendation of the trip.

I’m pleased to post them here:

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“Simply stunning, a dream come true! Imagine following in Martin Luther’s footsteps, studying theology/worshipping with fellow Lutherans, and seeing the breath-taking sights of Germany all at the same time. It doesn’t get better than this! I haven’t even been home for 48 hours and I’m ready to pack my bags and go again!” -Krystle

“Pastor Wolfmueller puts on a great Reformation Tour! This trip is the perfect balance between theology, history, and an amazing amount of fun. Everything is Christ Centered and Bible Based. Not only will you learn things about Martin Luther that you never knew, you will be able to ask all those theological questions! Pastor Wolfmueller has a great way of explaining things so that everyone can understand. The schedule is rigorous so that you get all your money’s worth in this trip and it is so worth your time! I would highly recommend this trip!” -Allysha

“We have never been a more detailed and thoughtfully planned trip. Kudos to you, Keri, and Chuck. Thanks for a wonderful trip.” -Earl & Rita

“Understand our Christian heritage – why we are ‘Lutheran’ and what being ‘Lutheran’ means – Organized by some ‘Old Lutherans’ for Christians (Lutheran or not). Being with Pastor Wolfmueller is always interesting – and the topic at hand (Luther at the 500th anniversary of the Reformation) makes the opportunity even better. Solid christian fellowship and study during a coach tour of major Luther sites in Germany.” -Jay

“If you have the chance to go on a Reformation tour through Germany, I highly recommend Pastor Wolfmueller’s Luther/Bach Tour. You will be delighted by the sights, learn more of our Lutheran heritage, and make some of the greatest friends you’ve ever known. The tour is completely centered on Christ and it highlights the people He has used — and continues to use — to bring His Gospel to the world. You won’t be disappointed!” -Sarah