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Martin Luther’s Genesis Commentary (Chapters 1-4)

Alright! Here it is, the study edition of Luther’s Genesis Commentary, chapters 1-4.

400 pages with wide margins for notes, and, as always, you can download this for free, or spend $15 and pick it up from Lulu. 


Martin Luther’s Genesis Commentary is the last (and perhaps greatest) work of Luther. Spanning the last ten years of his life and work, the Genesis Lectures capture the full wisdom of the Evangelical Reformer. This book is a publication of Luther’s comments on Genesis chapters one through four, copied from the public domain text of Lenker (1904).

Luther’s commentary is really phenomenal. Especially in these last days, we all do well to understand rightly the first days of the cosmos.

Please share this with your friends and family. And, as you engage with Luther, please post your thoughts and questions in the comments.

Let’s all hear Luther’s voice again, and rejoice in hearing of Jesus in Genesis.



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  1. He is wonderfully insightful. Examples (chs. 3-4):
    What is the breeze/cool of the day 3:8?
    What do Cain and Abel’s names mean?
    What is the fulfillment and application of the 2 boys sacrifices in our day? (hint- means of grace)
    What beautiful exegesis of God’s dialogue between sinners (Adam, Eve, Cain).
    “the farther man withdraws from God, the farther he still desires to withdraw” and “it is the upmost stupidity for us to imagine that our cure lies in flight from God rather than in our return to God” (AE, 173-4).

    thanks for this resource!

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