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Martin Luther on “The One Great Book”

Here’s another little gem from Lenker’s introduction in Luther’s Genesis, a quotation from Luther on having too many books.

“The aggregation of large libraries tends to direct men’s thoughts from the one great book, the Bible, which ought, day and night, to be in every man’s hand. My object, my hope, in translating the Scriptures, was to check the so prevalent production of new works, and so to direct men’s study and thoughts more closely to the divine Word. Never will the writings of mortal man in any respect equal the sentences inspired by God. We must yield the place of honor to the prophets and apostles, keeping ourselves prostrate at their feet as we listen to their teaching. I would not have those who read my books, in these stormy times, devote one moment to them which they would otherwise have consecrated to the Bible.” (Martin Luther, Table Talk)



  1. Michael Biolchini

    July 10, 2017 at 12:41 am

    As we go through life we encounter many who, and we ourselves, need help in times of hopelessness.
    The words contained in this book have proven to give direction, The Way, absolute honesty, The Truth, and purpose, The Life.
    So phenomenally and supernaturally that they can only be Holy.
    In contrition pleading for forgiveness.

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