I don’t know how many Bibles and Hymnals I’ve left with people in the hospital. I want some comfort to put in their hands after I’ve delivered the Lord’s Word into their ears and His body and blood into their mouth. The Mini-Hymnal was designed for this purpose, to leave behind after visits, and give the Lord’s people something to read and pray as they wait for the Lord’s kindness.

The Mini-Hymnal is a little hymnal to be used for visitation and left with people in the hospital or various other situations where it would be good and helpful to have the Scriptures, Psalms, and Prayers.


  • 20 Psalms of Comfort
  • The Entire Gospel of John
  • 20 Hymns of Comfort
  • Prayers for various occasions

The entire project is in the public domain, and can be used in whole or in part in any way you determine to be helpful for the Gospel.

Click here to download the Mini-Hymnal for Free: Mini-Hymnal2_1

Click here for a pdf of the Cover.

Printed copies may be ordered for $3.50 each through lulu. Click here to order printed copies.

Let me know if you see anything that needs adjusting. And let me know if you find this resource useful.

Lord’s Blessings,