I received this very kind note today about the book, “Has American Christianity Failed?”

Thank you!

Dear Reverend Wolfmueller,

I have just completed my third reading of your book “Has American Christianity Failed?” WOW! Where were you 30 years ago? This is one of the most important books I have read. That may be saying something as I am 64 years old and a bibliophile. In fact your book is among my top three. They have made a huge impact on my life and thinking. (Just in case you are curious one of the other authors is C. S. Lewis, so you are in good company.)

I appreciate you writing in layman’s language. Your explanation of the weaknesses, shall we say, in Evangelical theology were so helpful.  Only recently have I begun to understand what Lutheran and Reformed authors in the past were talking about when they used the four terms, revivalism, pietism, mysticism, enthusiasm. They were never described or explained. They assumed the reader knew what they were talking about and why it made a difference. Your book has made it simple enough that even I can understand it. Thanks.

I have ordered several copies for family and friends.

Your Brother In Christ,


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