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Praise for Luther’s Genesis Commentary


“Whoever has not read this Commentary is not worthy of the name of a theologian.”

-Daniel Cramer (1630)


“A golden book.”

-Abraham Calov (1671)


“A work that cannot be praised enough.”

-Thomas Crenius (1704)


“As an expositor of the holy Scriptures Luther’s comments contain a depth of investigation unpenetrated, a width of meditation unspanned, an extent of research unoccupied, a scriptural knowledge unpossessed, a variety of reflections unevinced, a multitude of wonders unrevealed, a number of beauties undiscovered, a value of instruction uncommunicated, a spirit of holiness unbreathed, a height of praise unascended, a depth of worship unfathomed, and a magnification of the Scriptures as the Word of God, unsurpassed and unequalled by any commentator, before or since his day.”

-Dr Henry Cole



“It is a treasure more precious that gold, containing inestimable riches of holy thoughts, so that some have rightly judged that this is the best of all Luther’s books.”

-John Heinreich von Seelen


“In this book all theologians must go to school, and no one will graduate in it. Luther, the man of God, has so clearly and richly treated in it nearly all the greatest and most important articles of our Christian faith, that the like, the holy Bible alone excepted, has not appeared in the world and indeed will not. It will be and remain indeed a ‘Thesaurus thesaurorum,’ a treasury of treasuries, and a perennial fountain of all consolation, along with the Bible.”

-Timothy Kirchner (1565)


“Read the following ‘Consummatum Est,’ ‘It Is Finished,’ of this holy man, ‘The Beloved Genesis,’ in which as in a new world he brings forth and opens up not only certain parts but all the treasures and riches of the wisdom of the divine Word, so that there is not another book like it on earth since the times of the apostles. Luther’s Genesis makes all theologians scholars.”

-Joachim Morlin (1570)



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