For I know that you need such redemption, and in order that you may have it I must come thus and make an end of the world; for if I am to deliver you, I must first attack those who hold you captive and hinder your redemption. Therefore as a Christian, you must have such thoughts about the signs of the last day, as if you were lying captive among enemies and murderers in a high tower and your pious ruler should come and begin to besiege the tower with great power, so that everything should begin to fall around you; you would not be afraid of the noise and cannonading, but would much more rejoice, if you knew it was for your redemption. Thus you should do here too, says Christ. Let it not terrify you that the world must bend and squirm; this is not intended for you, but for those against whom you have cried out.

Therefore look upon this advent as the appearing of your redemption, for I come not to cast you into hell, but to deliver you from the injurious, sick, infirm, wicked world, to separate you from the devil and his murderous servants, and to place you among the angels, where you shall no more suffer, but live in eternal glory. (House Postil, I, 29)