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Show #432: The Broken Chronicles of Nadia (Bolz-Weber)



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Are we broken or are we sinners in need of redemption? On this episode Pastors Wolfmueller and Goeglein pay careful attention to and apply critical listening skills as they review an interview with “Pastor” Nadia Bolz-Weber as she appeared on a Colorado Public Radio to discuss her book, our brokenness and mistakes, and Christianity as she perceives it. Sometimes what she says is subtle so put on your discernment hats.

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  1. You and Evan are both brave saints. I can barely bring myself to listen to this person Nadia Bolz-Weber, yet you sit and listen to help advise and correct. I really gained a lot from the show, mostly an appreciation for the value of Ms. B-W’s ministry. As indignant as I was about her referring to herself as an “orthodox Lutheran” (say, whuuut?), it brought to mind how much crappy theology I waded through before coming to our “Cult of Pure Doctrine” in the LCMS. What I’m saying is, she will reach this horribly broken LGBTQ segment of our society, and expose them to Scripture in some fashion, at least. The Holy Spirit will have His way, ultimately. I pray that those who find their way into the good “Pastorice’s” ministry let Him do His work, and come to both see and value the truth. This is my own story (praise God), and I really do wonder at the working of the Spirit through the word. Without this lady’s ministry, it’s highly doubtful whether would these people would ever have opened the Book. I hope she preaches it…even if she has to dodge Romans chapter 1 and the like. Bless you Pastor W.

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