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Suffering and Love

Every week Evan and I talk through the book “Has American Christianity Failed?” and then muse on some current events.

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Continuing our series on his book Has American Christianity Failed Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller discusses the manner in which Christians ought to regard suffering.



More information on “Has American Christianity Failed?”

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  1. I listened to this an hour ago (thinking it would make time fly as I exercised…) Anyway, I noticed 0 comments. How can that be? Perhaps the death of my sister about 6 weeks ago after a 5-yr battle with cancer made me receptive, for it was a long time of trying to talk about eternity to someone who wouldn’t ‘suffer’ the topic. We were raised Baptist, and we ended up in different brands of Lutheran theology and thought, so I was surprised that her initial reaction was ~ ‘What is God trying to tell me? (What did I do wrong?)’, … and then it was simmering-to-seething anger. My last visit (we’re 1500 miles apart) was 2 months before she died, and there was no opening. I sat at home for a couple weeks expecting to hear she was gone – and then I realized that although I couldn’t make any great statements, I had hymns. The first note I sent probably laid out what I wanted to say, but after that I just made brief comments about daily life. But I enclosed hymns – God Loves Me Dearly, Children of the Heavenly Father, Jesus Lives! The Victory’s Won, Sing with all the Saints in Glory. This is probably more than is apropos here, but I listened to the broadcast wishing I could have had some of those words, and the tenacity to press them home… then I wondered if I might not react like she did. That actually wouldn’t surprise me initially, but I think I’d need and want to be comforted by God’s Word and the Lord’s Supper. I’ve run on – but I’m so glad I found this online today. Even the part about love has given me pause about my thoughts and attitudes regarding current events. (Hopefully you’ll get better comments soon!) πŸ˜‰

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