(This could come in handy for some of us this summer.)

 They begin in an ecstatic frenzy and ends in an intimate whisper.
 Quotes incessantly from pop-culture movies and television shows which most teens have the good sense to ignore.
 There’s background music for the prayers.
 Subtle encouragement of “teen-age rebellion” by poking at “the establishment”.
 The speaker talks about the death of a loved one.
 At least one story or illustration has inappropriate sexuality, nudity, etc.
 Merchandise sales are part of the presentation.
 The speaker cries.
 They have you repeat after them.
 Five minutes after the talk is over you’ve forgotten the content, remembering only that you were “moved”.

Total Checks: _______

0-2 This talk probably had some important content.
3-5 A beginner at youth conferences.
6-8 It’s a good thing you have this checklist.
9-10 You’ve just been on an emotional roller-coaster.

Download the pdf: youthspeakerchecklist