Martin Luther’s discovery of the Gospel destroyed the monastery and all the social structures of medieval Europe. But looking through the rubble Luther was able to see the foundation, the bedrock established by God of the ordering of this world: the three estates. The church, the home, and the state are the fundamental institutions, created by God, to support His gift of life.

Knowing the three estates helps us to read the Bible, understand theology, and engage in this world. In fact, it is some of the most important and insightful material in all of our Lutheran doctrine. We will uncover this hidden jewel, and delight in the wisdom the Lord has for us in these estates.

The four presenters for the conference are Jonathan Fisk (WEtv, KFUO Radio), Jared Melius (Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, Denver), Brian Flamme (Hope Lutheran Church, Aurora, CO), and myself (Bryan Wolfmueller, also Hope, Aurora).

Here is our conference schedule. It looks fantastic:

Friday, July 21
6:00 PM Registration
7:00 PM Presentation 1 – Brian Flamme “Three Estates and Two Kingdoms” [Kirk Hall]
8:00 PM Responsive Prayer 2

Saturday, July 22
8:45 AM Matins [sanctuary]
9:30 AM Presentation 2 – Jonathan Fisk “The Church” [Kirk Hall]
10:45 AM Presentation 3 – Jared Melius “The Family” [Kirk Hall]
12:00 PM Lunch [Kirk Hall]
1:00 PM Presentation 4 – Bryan Wolfmueller “The State” [Kirk Hall]
2:15 PM Vespers [sanctuary]
3:00 PM Dismissal – Godspeed

I hope and pray that this conference will bring back into our conversation the important Lutheran teaching of the Three Estates. Join us if you can.

Registration is only $35 (which includes lunch!). Register here.