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Top Ten Dates of Events in the Old Testament

This will help you keep you chronological bearings:

  1. 2166 B.C.: The Birth of Abraham
  2. 1876 B.C.: The Migration to Egypt
  3. 1446 B.C.: The Exodus from Egypt
  4. 1406 B.C.: The Entrance into Canaan
  5. 1010 B.C.: The Accession of David
  6. 931 B.C.: The Division of the Kingdom
  7. 722 B.C.: The Destruction of Samaria
  8. 586 B.C.: The Destruction of Jerusalem
  9. 538 B.C.: The Edict of Return
  10. c. 420 B.C.: The Completion of the Old Testament


Thanks to Dr Douglas Judisch who published this list in just about all of his isagogical books.

Here’s a Bible Bookmark with this list and some other nice summary facts to keep handy: BibleBookmark.


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  1. Penelope Starros

    July 19, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    Thank you — Thank you — Thank you for this wonderful reference sheet/bookmark!

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